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La Potière Jalouse

GANimal Mug

GANimal Mug

GANimal Mug was created by Helena Sarin for her PROOF exhibition, La Potière Jalouse: Rite of the Handmade.

Each NFT contains a trait that corresponds with a ceramic vessel, handcrafted by Helena. As Helena calls it, potteryGAN translates her AI-based work into a series of unique physicals meant to be used as vessels in daily life, not just observed. These physicals are produced, painted and fired by Helena in her studio.

Collectors will be responsible for shipping, handling, and customs costs. All ceramics order information will be captured the last business day of every month at 10AM PST and fulfilled the following week. 

To redeem your ceramic vessel, please download the tokenproof app and connect your wallet that holds your La Potiere Jalouse NFT.

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